V Laboratory
Department of Physics
Nagoya University
Furocho, Chikusa, Nagoya

Physics of new, interesting and useful materials

In search of new, interesting and useful materials
We are interested in the physical properties of strongly correlated electron systems, which are often seen in transition-metal oxides.

In a strongly correlated system, conduction electrons affect with each other through the strong Coulomb repulsion, and move together in a “correlated” manner. As a result, a conventional band picture is seriously broken down, and new phenomena can arise beyond the prediction of a band theory. High-temperature superconductivity in copper oxides and colossal magnetoresistance in manganese oxides are the prime examples.

Our research field covers a wide variety of functional properties in correlated electron systems; a large thermopower in transition-metal oxides, nonlinear conduction phenomena in organic conductors, and multiferroic behavior in novel low-dimensional materials.

Group photo @ April 2023
Group photo @ April 2023



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